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This is my work-in-progress, "notes to self" page. At the same time, perhaps it will be of some help to others out there as well. Mainly a collection of links and pointers, with tips for tackling particular problems...

Disk/Partition/Drive Cloning & Recovery

  • Clonezilla - Good all-rounder for imaging and cloning, can create a live CD to boot from (or from USB etc). Makes use of tools like ntfsclone and dd.
  • ddrescue - This is the most robust tool I've used so far, for cloning partitions with bad sectors/errors. I used a version found on the Parted Magic live CD. I used it to copy the files from a corrupted partition on an external USB hard drive, to another drive installed in a laptop.
  • dd_rescue - Haven't used it yet, but has an option of starting from the end and moving backwards, which could be useful. Expect it to be similar to ddrescue. I believe it is available on the Ubuntu Rescue Remix iso.
  • Ultimate Bood CD - Has a whole bundle of free utilites on a bootable CD, for all kinds of PC diagnostics and repairs. Includes some disk cloning utilities (though not all of above).
  • Seagate DiscWizard - Haven't used this one yet, but would hope it is good since it produced by a disc manufacturer. Limitation of needing at least one Seagate or Maxtor hard drive. Designed for moving everything over to a new hard drive.

Improving Vista Performance

More tips and links coming as I get to it...